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Badgers Badminton Take Competitive Match in Final Home Game

06 October 2016  

Badger Ladies also commemorate Sr. Night.

PRESCOTT- A packed house at Prescott High School filled a gym lined with balloons and streamers as the Badminton team celebrated their last home game of the regular season with a competitive 5-4 win over the Barry Goldwater Bulldogs on Tuesday night. 

Most of the courts had cleared and some nets had already begun to come down for the final time this year when sophomore Zoey Frazier walked over to her coach Bobbi Yoder.

“We asked Bobbi… if we’re winning or losing and she said that this is the last game to see if we win or lose,” said Frazier after the win. “When she said that it was tied and our game mattered, we got stressed and we were like freaking out…but we like kept it together and stayed positive about it.” 

Frazier and her teammate Sierra Price, a senior who was celebrating her last home game, walked onto the court knowing these were the games that were going to decide the match in an important meeting between the Badgers and the Bulldogs.

The duo beat the Bulldog team of Ashley Brown and Diana Ion handily in game one 15-6 but game two would prove to be much more of a challenge once the two teams met with their coaches.

In game two, the girls matched each other’s scores with no team taking more than a three-point advantage throughout. When the squads reached a 15-15 tie, the Badgers were able to pull ahead 17-15 with the shuttlecock falling in the right place out of the Bulldog’s racquet length to score the final point needed. 

The Bulldogs were able to set-up this exciting conclusion taking the previous two varsity double matches as the team of Kayla Davis and Ashley Brown swept the match against the Badgers’ Megan Raiss and Paige Campbell.

Meanwhile, the Badger team of Abby Nelson and Mackenzie Schultz fell in three games to the Bulldogs’ squad of Tori Baca and Kaitlyn Kelly.

While the Bulldogs were able to win more varsity double matches, the Badgers had a good night of varsity single matches as Prescott High School took four of the six contests. 

Schultz, Frazier and Price each took their matches in two games while the match between Campbell and the Bulldogs’ Brown came down to three games with Campbell coming back to win the final two games after dropping the first contest. 

Each of the varsity single victories for the Bulldogs’ came down to three games as the Bulldogs’ Baca beat the Badgers’ Raiss while Pavis beat Prescott High School’s Abby Nelson. 

The close win was special for the group of seniors on the squad playing in front of their home crowd for the final time.

Sierra Price and Paige Campbell each decided to join the badminton team in their senior year and enjoyed the experience.

Price gave up volleyball for badminton looking to try a new sport.

“It’s my first year playing but I’ve really enjoyed this sport,” said Price. “I’ve really enjoyed the people that played it too.” 

Price didn’t know how much talent she would have in the sport but ended up becoming the Badgers’ fifth-ranked player on the varsity squad.

“I didn’t go into it thinking I’d be any good at all,” said Price. “I just kind of wanted to have fun my senior year.” 

After playing different sports, Campbell decided to join the Badminton team looking for a new experience and became the Badgers’ fourth-ranked varsity badminton player. 

“I definitely enjoyed the difference that it brought to the variety of sports I’ve played,” said Campbell. “I got to watch myself get better at something that I’ve never tried before and got to be a team leader. I’m really glad I did it, badminton was an amazing experience.” 

The Badgers (7-4) are on the road for three straight to conclude the regular season beginning with their next match on Thursday at 6pm against the North Canyon Rattlers (4-7).