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Prescott High School Girls Soccer Battles Snow to Beat Rival Bears

25 January 2017  
Prescott High School Girls Soccer junior Mikayla Sell attempts to score a goal during the game against rival Bradshaw Mountain on Tuesday January 24th, 2017 in Prescott Valley, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham
Prescott High School Girls Soccer Beats Rival Bears During Whiteout Conditions
PRESCOTT VALLEY- A game that started off cold and cloudy, ended with blizzard conditions as Prescott High School was able to battle through the blowing snow to pick up a 3-0 win over rival Bradshaw Mountain in Prescott Valley on Tuesday.

Just before the storm hit, Prescott High School junior Mikayla Sell picked up her first goal of the game in the 28th minute to give the Badgers a 1-0 lead at the half as the storm rolled in.

The skies cleared for just a moment in the second half has as Sell scored her second goal of the game in 52nd minute.

Once the second storm rolled in, it was a defensive battle between the teams as both went scoreless until seconds left in the game when Badgers senior Katie Townsend scored the final goal for Prescott High School during whiteout conditions.

The Badgers’ controlled the ball for most of the game and managed to score three goals, which coach Carly Laipple was pleased with considering the weather conditions.

“It was unfortunate that we were not able to score more but I think that was a result of the weather,” Laipple said.

Laipple mentioned as the snow accumulated on the field, the ball became like a snowball making it heavier and harder to shoot longer distances.

The blanket of snow also provided issues locating the ball amongst the falling white snowflakes.

“It’s tough on them because the biggest thing is being able to see,” said Bradshaw Mountain girls soccer coach John Sterling. “When you play with a white ball, its very difficult to even find or pick up the ball sometimes.”

Sterling mentioned the team has played in less than desirable conditions earlier in the year with brutal rainstorms but a snowstorm provides different challenges such as getting in the player’s eyes.

The remnants of the storm are still present, as Prescott High School will finish their season as the “home” team away from Prescott High School because the field is unplayable.

Instead, the Badgers (11-4-2, 3-1 section) will play at Mountain Valley Park in Prescott Valley to take on Lee Williams High School (4-10-1, 0-4 section) on Wednesday at 5pm and again on Thursday at 3pm against Mohave.

As for Bradshaw Mountain, the Bears (4-9-2, 2-4 section) will finish the season against Seton Catholic (14-4-1, 4-0 section) at 6pm on Wednesday in Chandler.