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City of Prescott Slides Into a New Softball Association in 2017

07 March 2017   Rick Hormann | Prescott Recreation Services Department

Partnering with the National Softball Association to Host the Girls’s Fastpitch Nationals

The City of Prescott will be partnering with a new softball association in 2017 called the National Softball Association, (NSA). After a long relationship with the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), the City has decided to join NSA for a variety of reasons.

The biggest reason for the change is having the opportunity to continue hosting girls’ fast pitch national championships in the future that are conducted as weeklong events. NSA has awarded the City of Prescott the 2017 Southwest World Series championships that will give our City a youth girls fast pitch national event next year. With Arizona ASA being relocated to a new Region in 2017, the opportunities for Prescott to host future ASA girls fast pitch Western National tournaments will diminish with Arizona moving to the same Region as California.

Until 2017, Arizona ASA was part of Rocky Mountain Region 13 that included Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. The Amateur Softball Association has decided to rebrand their organization to USA Softball and disband several existing regions. Beginning January 2017, the five states that comprised Rocky Mountain Region 13 will be relocated to newly formed Regions. Arizona ASA, also rebranded to USA Softball of Arizona, will become a part of Region 10 to include California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Moving into this region will give Arizona fewer opportunities to host ASA National Championships that bring a large economic impact to our community. NSA has awarded the City of Prescott with the 2017 NSA Southwest World Series in the summer of 2017 as part of our partnership to move to their association. This event will take place July 11-16, 2017. This tournament will generate a larger economic impact to our community with teams staying in Prescott for an extended period of time rather than the other weekend tournaments we host in the summer. There will also be multiple opportunities in the future for the City of Prescott and Arizona NSA to host more of these large economic impact tournaments after 2017 as well.

NSA is a tournament based organization specifically designed to meet the special needs of facility owners and parks/recreation departments. NSA has more flexibility to give berths to tournament teams and more opportunities for teams to qualify for events such as the Southwest World Series that the City of Prescott was awarded. Unlike ASA, NSA has no bidding procedures to award such national tournaments. With ASA, the states that have the most individually registered participants receive the most votes at the annual conventions to determine where Nationals will take place. ASA is a membership based organization, concentrating on generating dollars through individual memberships that help support the National Office and the USA Olympic team.

For the adult softball program, NSA offers a less restrictive rulebook for our teams to play by and our umpires to impose in either city league or competitive tournament play. We will be taking advantage of this to improve our cities adult softball leagues by creating league rules that benefit our participants and improve our existing program.

The National Softball Association was established in 1982 and is a full service organization that offers a division of play and a level of competition that youth through adult can enjoy. For more information about the National Softball Association, please visit

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