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Like Grandfather, Like Grandson For J.C.s

03 July 2017  
J.C. Trujillo Mortensen (left) and his grandfather J.C. Trujillo (right) at the Prescott Frontier Days World's Oldest Rodeo on Sunday July 2nd, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham
J.C. Trujillo’s Grandson, J.C. Trujillo Mortensen, to Follow In Grandfather’s Footsteps

PRESCOTT- J.C. Trujillo Mortensen is just two years away from entering the same rink as his grandfather and bareback world champion J.C. Trujillo, who is a member of the Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame.

“Being the grandson of a hall of fame bareback rider and world champion, he’s got a lot of pointers for me,” Mortensen said. “He’s as good as they come.”

Mortensen has a rich background in the sport of rodeo. Along with his grandfather, Mortensen’s father was a professional bull rider who appeared in the finals four times. While going to competitions with his father and spending time with his grandfather, the love of the sport came naturally to him and his brother Jaxon.

“That’s all they think about, riding bulls and bucking horses and being a cowboy,” J.C. Trujillo said. “It’s just a matter of time before these boys are riding at the national finals and being world champions.”

Walking around an environment, such as the Prescott Frontier Days where Trujillo is the general manager, always provides a thrill for Mortensen.

“There’s no better atmosphere,” Mortensen said. “Great people around here, great fans, it’s the best there is.”

Mortensen has already tasted success, winning the bareback riding and placing second in the bull riding competition in the Arizona High School Rodeo Association. He looks to continue the accomplishments when he becomes a pro.

“I got dreams to become good,” Mortensen said. “Hopefully (a) world champion like my grandpa, ain’t nothing going to break that. Do everything I can to make it possible.”

“I’ll be ready by then,” Mortensen continued. “My grandpa helping me, and my dad (helping), I should do good when I turn eighteen.”

Meanwhile, Trujillo who grew up in the rink of the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo Grounds, can’t wait to see his grandsons continue the rodeo family tradition in Prescott.

“It makes me feel really great that I can pass part of what I had, a great career and love for the rodeo business,” Trujillo said. “For them to be a part of it, it’s a great thrill for me.”

The 2017 Prescott Frontier Days World’s Oldest Rodeo only has two performances left as the competition ends on Tuesday, July 4th, with a 1:30pm start time. Tickets can be purchased on the rodeo’s official website.

Below are results through six of the eight performances in the 2017 competition.