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NJCAA Division One Soccer Championship Preview

13 November 2017  
All Photos by: Torrence Dunham

Check Out A Preview of Each Team and The Full Tournament Schedule

PRESCOTT VALLEY- After a successful hosting of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division One Soccer Championship in 2014, Yavapai College and the surrounding areas will host their second tournament this week at Mountain Valley Park in Prescott Valley.

“The town of Prescott Valley and the city of Prescott did such a great job with us in 2014 that we were kind of asked to bid for it again,” Tournament Director and Yavapai College Director of Athletics Brad Clifford said after the welcome dinner on Saturday night. “They called us and said would you please bid for this…we bid and we got the tournament.”

“It’s been nine months getting preparation and finally it’s here,” Clifford continued.

Twelve teams from around the country will be vying for the NJCAA Division One Soccer Championship this week. The difference from the 2014 tournament is the Yavapai College Roughriders won the region and made the big dance.

“It’s huge to have your own team in the tournament, especially if you are hosting obviously,” Clifford said. “Such a storied program as Yavapai College in soccer that you want to be able to showcase that on a national stage in front of your hometown.”

The Roughriders have won seven national championships in 13 chances. However, the team has never had a chance to win in front of the home crowd.

“It’s special regardless when you win a national championship but to do that in your own backyard, to do that in front of your own fans, I think that is the culmination of your whole career,” Clifford said. “The hometown deserves to see a national championship here. We’ve won seven of them, so it would be fantastic for us to do it in front of our home crowd.”

Considering the implications of the tournament, Clifford says soccer fans are in for a treat this week.

“It’s a fun brand of soccer,” Clifford said. “It’s a national tournament, I can’t express that enough.”

Below is a small preview of each team and the schedule of the tournament.

For the NJCAA brackets, click here.

Keep it locked for tournament results.


#1 St. Louis Community College-St. Louis, Missouri
2017 Record: 22-0-0 (4-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: Conor McArthur (18 goals)
Head Coach: Tim Mosby (4th year)
Team Goals Scored: 92 (3rd)
Pool: A

#2 Schoolcraft College-Livonia, Michigan
2017 Record: 15-0-0 (10-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: David Tetaj (15 goals)
Head Coach: Rick Larson
Team Goals Scored: 86 (4th)
Pool: B

#3 Yavapai College-Prescott, Arizona
2017 Record: 21-2-3 (15-2-3 Conference)
Top Scorer: Alexander Guadron (25 goals)
Coach: Michael Pantalione (29th year)
Team Goals Scored: 127 (1st)
Pool: C

#4 Tyler Junior College-Tyler, Texas
2017 Record: 19-2-0 (13-1-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: Mohammed Kamara (42 goals) **led Division One**
Coach: Steve Clements (16th year)
Team Goals Scored: 72 (9th)
Pool: D

#5 Indian Hills Community College-Ottumwa, Iowa
2017 Record: 17-2-0 (8-1-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: Akean Shackleford (32 goals)
Coach: Jon Fridal (2nd season)
Team Goals Scored: 96 (2nd)
Pool: D

#6 Mercer County Community College-Trenton, New Jersey
2017 Record: 19-3-1 (3-1-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: Eiichi Yamaguchi (25 goals)
Coach: Widmarc Dalce (6th year)
Team Goals Scored: 84 (5th)
Pool: C

#7 Monroe College-Bronx, New York
2017 Record: 10-4-2 (0-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: Matthew Englert (10 goals)
Coach: Marcus DiBernardo (8th year)
Team Goals Scored: 44 (63rd)
Pool: B

#8 Pima Community College-Tucson, Arizona
2017 Record: 17-4-3 (15-2-3 Conference)
Top Scorer: Julian Gaona (16 goals)
Coach: David Cosgrove (19th year)
Team Goals Scored: 65 (23rd)
Pool: A

#9 Louisburg College-Louisburg, North Carolina
2017 Record: 16-5-0 (12-3-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: James Fergany (22 goals)
Coach: Martin Dell (2nd year)
Team Goals Scored: 73 (8th)
Pool: D

#10 Waubonsee Community College-Sugar Groove, Illinois
2017 Record: 17-4-1 (6-1-0 Conference)
Top Scorer: Reuel Erastus-Obilo (22 goals)
Coach: Brett Suhayda (9th season)
Team Goals Scored: 84 (5th)
Pool: C

#11 Kansas City Community College-Kansas City, Kansas
2017 Record: 12-3-1 (6-3-1 Conference)
Top Scorer: Guilherme Grave (12 goals)
Coach: Ruben Rodriguez (4th year)
Team Goals Scored: 56 (32nd)
Pool: B

#12 Illinois Central College-East Peoria, Illinois
2017 Record: 10-8-2 (5-3-2 Conference)
Top Scorer: Vincent Formant Garcia and Nikola Vujicic both have 10 goals.
Coach: Oz Bakirdan (18th year)
Team Goals Scored: 57 (29th)
Pool: A


Monday, November 13th

GAME ONE: (0-1) #12 Illinois Central College 0 (1-0) #1 St. Louis Community College 1 (Pool A) FINAL
GAME TWO: (1-0) #2 Schoolcraft College 2  (0-1) #11 Kansas City Community College 0 (Pool B) FINAL
GAME THREE: (0-1) #9 Louisburg College 0 (1-0) #4 Tyler Junior College 3 (Pool D) FINAL 
GAME FOUR: (0-1) #10 Waubonsee Community College 0 (1-0) #3 Yavapai College 9 FINAL (POOL C)

Tuesday, November 14th

GAME ONE: (0-2) #12 Illinois Central College 1 (1-0) #8 Pima Community College 3 FINAL (Pool A) 

GAME TWO: (0-1) #11 Kansas City Community College 1 (1-0) #7 Monroe College 5 FINAL (Pool B) 

GAME THREE: (0-2) #10 Waubonsee Community College 2 (1-0) #6 Mercer County Community College 8 FINAL (Pool C)

GAME FOUR: (0-2) #9 Louisburg College 0 (0-1) #5 Indian Hills Community College 1 FINAL (Pool D)

Wednesday, November 15th

GAME ONE: (2-0) #8 Pima Community College 3 (1-1) #1 St. Louis Community College 1 FINAL (Pool A)
GAME TWO: (1-0) #7 Monroe College vs. (1-0) #2 Schoolcraft College at 12:00pm (Pool B)
GAME THREE: (1-0) #6 Mercer County Community College vs. (1-0) #3 Yavapai College at 2:30pm (Pool C)
GAME FOUR: (1-0) #5 Indian Hills Community College vs. (1-0) #4 Tyler Junior College at 5:00pm (Pool D)

Friday, November 17th

Semi-Final One: Highest Remaining Seed vs. #8 Pima Community College TBD
Semi-Final Two: 2nd Highest Seed Remaining vs. 3rd Highest Seed Remaining TBD

Saturday, November 18th

Championship: Semi-Final One Winner vs. Semi-Final Two Winner at 3pm

**All games take place at Mountain Valley Park in Prescott Valley, Arizona**

***There was some confusion regarding the semi-final brackets. This has been corrected.***