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NAZ Suns Continue Winning Ways at Home

20 November 2016  
Photo Credit: Matt Hinshaw/NAZ Suns

NAZ Suns Still Have Not Lost In Inaugural Season 

Following a road win against the Salt Lake City Stars on Friday night, the Northern Arizona Suns returned home and beat the Stars again 101-86 on Saturday night to push their record to 3-0 in the inaugural season.
“We beat a really good team,” said Northern Arizona Suns Head Coach Ty Ellis following the victory. “They have really good players and I’m very fortunate and blessed.”
The Suns came out of the gate hot and continued the success throughout the first half going into halftime with a 53-39 advantage. However, the Stars would jump back in the second half going on a run and decreasing the deficit in the third quarter before the Suns regained control for the victory.
“When we are making those runs, (we have to) just continue to keep the pressure on them and not let up like we did in the third,” said Elijah Millsap who scored 31 points in the win.  “Even though it’s a long game and a team makes runs, we got to shut that off immediately.”
It could take some time to iron out small mistakes for a brand-new team which includes a growth period where a squad could struggle. This is not the case for the Suns who are already playing smooth self-less basketball.
“I feel like this is a unique team,” said Josh Gray who added ten points in the victory. “We are one unit and we move as one and that’s what makes us so unique and special.”  
The quality of the coaching staff has been a focal point for players since preseason as the coaches continued to work on team work and the individual needs of the players as to make them feel comfortable. Now, as the season is underway, the sentiment continues.
 “It’s just a great organization they have made us feel comfortable since day one,” Millsap said. “We will run through a brick wall for our coaching staff and they will do the same for us. It’s good because now we are connecting and we can just go out and play basketball.”
Suns hit the road again for a matchup against the Defenders in Los Angeles at 8:30pm on Wednesday before returning home on Friday for a matchup against the Reno Bighorns at 7pm.   

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