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Sundogs Vs. Scorpions - Photo Gallery

01 April 2008  
Playoff photos from Sundogs two games over the weekend!

sundogsplayoffs1_2.jpgThe Arizona Sundogs spent a lot of time on the ice this weekend, as they played in their first two playoff games against the New Mexico Scorpions. This 7-game series is a highly anticipated matchup, since the Scorpions knocked the Sundogs out of the playoffs last year in 7 games.

Friday night, the Sundogs managed to hold off the Scorpions, hanging on to a 7-6 victory, and extending their win streak to ten games in the process. You can read the details of Game 1 here on the Sundogs website.

Saturday, however, the Sundogs battled hard, but ended up falling to the Scorpions 5-2, which has tied the series 1-1. Check out the Sundogs account of Playoff Game 2.

Next up? The Sundogs play Game 3 with the Scorpions in New Mexico on Wednesday. The Wolf, 96.7 FM will carry the game live starting at 6:15 pm.

Photo Gallery

All photos by Matt Santos .  Enjoy! 

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image. 

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