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Az Adrenaline: We've Got Lots of Photos!

24 April 2008  
It might just be the biggest online photo gallery of the Adrenaline's highest scoring game - 121 pics of them defeating the Utah Saints, with a score of 95-21.


Quarterback Chad DeGrenier.
The Arizona Adrenaline had an amazing game on Sunday night, as they outscored their opponents, the Utah Saints by a score of 95-21.  That happened to be a league-high for the season, and gives the Adrenaline a season record of 3-1, going into this Saturday's game in New Mexico.


So, just how good were they?  95 points, a season-high 368 total yards, 11 touchdowns. Whew! Talk about non-stop fun! 

And quarterback Chad DeGrenier threw eight more touchdown passes, bringing his total to 20 for the season with no interceptions.  

We think that we probably have the largest online photo gallery of the Adrenaline's latest game. If it's not the largest, it's gotta be the best, thanks to photographer extraordinaire, Matt Santos! But don't take our word for it, check out the photos below and see for yourself.


Photo Gallery

All photos by Matt Santos . Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.


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