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tchotelYes, we are live in San Diego, attending the 2010 YMCA National Gymnastics Championships, to follow the girls and boys who are competing from Prescott and the surrounding communities. 

Today is the first day, and we'll begin with Opening Ceremonies. After that, the meets will be spread throughout the week, with the Closing Ceremonies taking place Friday. 

Thirty-three athletes from the Prescott YMCA are competing this year, the most ever, according to Coach John Sebastian.

"I feel that we have probably the most talented team that we've ever taken to Y-Nationals," Sebastian said. "I anticipate that these girls are going to do fabulous, and place in every event, every age level, and I'm very pleased with the girls and how well they've done."

Keep an eye out on Prescott eNews as we bring you daily updates, interviews and photos! 

In the meantime, let us introduce you to the team:

Women's Level 4

Eliana Armesto

Alison Berlowe

Emily Berry

Jenna Eldred

Stephanie Higa

Lexie Joyce

Kelley MacDonald

Maleah McCain

Hannah Mauldin

Grace Meade

Katie Podracky

Daphne Skinner

Denali Skinner

Sydney Thomson

Micaela Williman

Jasmine Zahorecz

Brianna Zahorecz

Veronica Zink

Women's Level 5

Hayley Bruso

Larissa LaMaster

Madison Vandehey

Women's Level 6

Jennifer Barras

Maya Garcia-Guest

Brittnay Lawton

Kyle Merrell

Optionals - 7

Melissa Barras 

Sabrina Flick

Kendra Sweeney

Optionals - 8

Abby Lee

Optionals - 9

Becca Kepner


Alex Berlowe

Noah Hone

Joshua Wrublik


John Sebastian

Launie Hone

There's a performance tonight (Friday) at the YMCA Gymnastics building, and you're invited if you hurry!

Chants, Flips, & Fans

Recently Tim's Toyota Center hosted the AIA State Cheerleading Championships. Learn more and see the photos!

Facing last year's State Champions, the young Prescott Lightning Level 4 girls performed well.
(Photo Gallery)Prescott Lightning girls bring home lots of new experiences and a 3rd place plaque!
500 Splash Bashes are taking place across the country, and one such event is happening in Prescott this Saturday.